Expert-Approved: Exploring Spray Guns the Pros Use

When it comes to combating pests, the right equipment is half the battle won. If you want to get professional, quality results, you need to use professional and quality equipment.

Pest control pros use high-quality spray guns, like TeeJet or Lesco brand spray guns, designed to deliver liquid in a precise way to meet the requirements of their application. The specific spray gun used depends on the application such as fertilizing a lawn, spraying trees, or applying a pesticide indoors.

Let’s delve into the world of professional-grade spray guns to see why these tools are the top picks for the experts. We will look at several different types of applications from lawn care to spraying for bugs in your home to help you identify which one will work best for you.

The Spray Guns Used By Professionals

For nearly a decade, I worked in sales, providing equipment to pest control companies. So I can tell you exactly what spray guns lawn care companies, arborists, and pest control pros are using for different applications.

Spray guns are not one-size-fits-all; they are as diverse as the tasks they are designed to accomplish. Each type of spray gun has unique features tailored to different jobs. For example, some spray guns are designed for high-pressure output, necessary for reaching the upper foliage of tall trees, while others might offer low-pressure but high-precision spraying ideal for targeted weed control.

Professionals in the pest control industry typically have an arsenal of spray guns, each chosen for a particular purpose. Many spray guns will have accessories and various nozzle options to make them more versatile. This variety ensures that they are equipped to handle any challenge.

Here are several common applications and a specific spray gun used for that task:

Pest Control ApplicationSpray Gun TypeSpecific Examples
Tree SprayingLong-Range Turbine Spray GunHypro 3381-10
John Bean 785
Weed ControlSpot Sprayer GunsGunJet
Lawn Fertilizer ApplicationHigh-Volume Gun with Shower Head NozzleLesco
Indoor Pest ControlHeavy-Duty, Drip-Free Spray GunJD9

Lawn Care Pro Spray Guns

One of the main jobs of lawn care pros is to keep the grass in your yard healthy. Applying fertilizer is a major aspect of this job. When the goal is to apply fertilizer to a lawn, you need a spray gun that can deliver a high volume of liquid and disperse it in a fairly wide pattern.

A small hand pump sprayer wand that most homeowners use will not deliver enough volume for a professional to be efficient. You need a spray gun like the Lesco Chemlawn Spray Gun. This poly-trigger gun is durable and ergonomic. It can be equipped with different-sized spray nozzles that produce a shower head pattern.

The “shower head” nozzle delivers fertilizer evenly over a wide area much more effectively than a small spray wand. This spray gun is used with commercial spray rigs that have pumps capable of delivering the required spray volume.

Spot spraying is another common method of pest control in lawns. This is spraying a pesticide only where there is a pest present instead of broadcasting the pesticide over the entire lawn. This task requires a different type of spray gun.

The GunJet heavy-duty spray gun from TeeJet is used by lawn and turf professionals to manage weeds and other pests in yards, parks, golf courses, and other large green spaces. This spray gun can be equipped with different nozzles to apply different application rates and produce different spray patterns.

Spray guns like this are typically equipped with nozzles that require adequate flow from the pump to produce an effective stream or spray pattern. Depending on the nozzle, the GunJet would not be very effective with a small backpack sprayer or even a small 12-volt sprayer (2 gpm or less). They just don’t produce enough flow and pressure.

I should take the time to mention that sprayer nozzles are a huge topic on their own and if you need some guidance navigating the nuances of the topic then go and read these resources on spray nozzles:

With each type of sprayer gun, there are variations and different levels of quality. For example, in addition to the heavy-duty GunJet, TeeJet also offers less expensive spray wands for spot sprayering. These wands are similar to the type you would see on a backpack sprayer although in my experience Teejet wands are generally better quality than the box store spray wands.

Professional Tree Care Spray Guns

One of the most specialized tools in the arsenal of lawn care and tree care professionals is the high-pressure, long-range turbine spray gun. These powerful devices are essential for tasks that require extensive reach and high output, such as spraying tall trees. Brands like Hypro, Udor, and John Bean are renowned in the industry for manufacturing these high-performance spray guns, each bringing their own unique features to the table.

long range tree sprayer gun
Hypro Long-Range Tree Spray Gun

Specifications and Capabilities:

  • High Capacity Output: These turbine spray guns are designed to handle significant volumes of liquid, typically ranging from 10 to 20 gallons per minute.
  • High Pressure: Capable of operating at pressures up to 700-800 PSI, these spray guns can project liquids to considerable heights. This feature is particularly beneficial for reaching the upper branches of tall trees, ensuring thorough coverage for pest control or nutrient application.

Specific Use for Tall Trees:

  • Precision and Reach: The combination of high pressure and volume allows these spray guns to deliver treatments accurately and consistently, even at elevated heights. This precision is vital for ensuring that the entire tree receives the necessary treatment without wastage or harm to surrounding plants.
  • Compatibility with High-Pressure Pumps: These spray guns are used in conjunction with high-pressure diaphragm pumps. The spray gun is not effective unless the pump on the sprayer is the right size and type to provide the necessary flow and pressure.

Hypro is a very popular brand of long-range tree-spraying guns. Udor is another quality brand that makes a similar type of turbine spray gun. As with lawn care, there are different variations. For example, the John Bean gun shown below is designed for spraying very tall trees. With the right pump, it can launch liquid over 70 feet in the air.

If you are looking to spray trees, you won’t want to miss reading this guide on the types of sprayers used to spray tall trees.

Spray Guns Used by Indoor Pest Control Professionals

For pest control applications, a specialized type of spray gun is required, one that combines precision, durability, and safety. Precision is crucial in pest control where targeted application is necessary to effectively treat infested areas while minimizing impact on surrounding environments.

Pest control technicians often utilize more than one type of spray gun. The size and scope of the application will dictate the specific type of spray gun used for an application. Brass and stainless steel guns are typical as they are durable and reliable.

One major type of gun used by exterminators is the JD9 spray gun. As with other types of spray guns, there are a variety of tip options for different application rates. These guns can be pricey, so they are often not used by DIY homeowners. However, if you do a lot of your own pest control, it may be worth the investment as they are durable and repairable.

  • Indoor Suitability: The JD9’s precise and no-drip features make it particularly suitable for indoor use, where meticulous application and cleanliness are paramount.
  • Customizable Nozzles: The spray gun allows for the attachment of various nozzles or tips, offering flexibility to adapt to different types of pest control treatments. This versatility is a significant advantage for professionals dealing with a range of pest issues.
  • Reliability: Its robust construction and material quality make the JD9 a reliable tool for the demanding conditions of pest control work. Professionals can depend on its consistent performance over time, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Before You Go Spray

As you can see there is a wide variety of sprayer guns designed for commercial and professional use. They are designed to meet the needs of the different applications in the pest control and lawn care industries.

If you are looking to upgrade your sprayer with a high-quality spray gun like the pros use. It is important to be aware that these spray guns only perform when used with the right sprayer and pump. So just buying the same spray gun that pest control professionals use won’t give you the same type of results unless you have the right sprayer setup.

Looking for what sprayer is right for you? Be sure to check out these helpful guides:

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